How is it to live in Saudi Arabia? Exploring culture and the role of women

Exploring culture and women The Saudi culture is amazing. I continue to be positively surprised by their people. I can hear the call for prayer just now. I close my eyes and feel transported to the mystical middle east. How lucky I am for being able to witness all of this. Where I come from,Continue reading “How is it to live in Saudi Arabia? Exploring culture and the role of women”

Higher education and its role in shaping behaviour

Education influences behaviour brings people together and fosters change in society. Each student can and will change the world. Changes can occur in their immediate family nucleus, their friends’ circle, their city, their country, society as a whole. Shifts happen when we activate change in a small scale. Everything starts with one person and canContinue reading “Higher education and its role in shaping behaviour”

Living in Saudi Arabia

  View of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from the Globe   Having travelled the world, my friends ask me why is that I have decided to move to Saudi Arabia. Few can understand the mysticism in this land. Saudi Arabia is a welcoming country. Saudis are people eager to learn and advance their society. Aren’t we all? AfterContinue reading “Living in Saudi Arabia”