2017, 2016 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (2017) and Team Winner for Distinctive Approaches for Assessment and Feedback (2016). Dublin City University.

2015 QS Reimagine Education Awards 2015. Bronze Award. Middle East Regional Award.  Dublin City University/Princess Nourah bin Abdulrahman University collaboration.

2012 Finalist in the ‘Making an Impact’ competition by the Irish Higher Education Authority. The competition selects the nation’s most innovative/challenging research that will add value to the economy.

2011 Acknowledged among the most influential citizens and among the best public speakers in the state’s history in the Encyclopaedia of Guerrero, Commemorative Edition 2011.

2000 State Medal for Civil Merit ‘Jose Azueta’ for outstanding youth civic engagement and exemplary trajectory in the public life of the state.

2000  State Prize to the Youth 2000 to the Most Outstanding Youth Academic Trajectory in the state.

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