Changing the energy in global systems: should you cope with negative professional environments?

Have you ever felt like quitting?

When in negative environments, you may feel that the easiest way to do is to leave. This might not be the right thing to do.

I have been working since I was 14 years old. I have strong strategy, negotiation and communication skills developed from my transition from politics to government to education to management. I have worked with startups, with SMEs, with not-for-profit organisations, with government, with Universities, etc, and in all of these environments have been exposed to plenty of negativity and corruption at different levels.

I joined public life (politics) because I wanted to change the world for the better and I was (still am) convinced that I could activate change. My first thoughts, when I was younger and started to face thought work-environments, were that I needed to leave straight away as soon as I started noticing corruption.

During the last 20 years, I have lived in 8 different cities, in 5 countries, in 3 different continents. In all of them, culture is very different. When moving countries, I knew nobody in what would become my host-country. So I had to start and discover everything on my own, using my own experience, and the maturity I was developing through years and exposure. I would probably write a blog post about this at some stage.

A couple of weeks ago, ‘off the air’, I had such a genuine discussion with the interviewer worth sharing. It lasts about 2 minutes and has English subtitles. By the way, I look like talking to myself… he was on my headphones so you cannot see, and he couldn’t see me either.

Share your thoughts!

Changing the energy of global systems- off the air comments during an interview

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Digital behaviourist and technologist (PhD). I am passionate about talent development, especially when it comes to enabling women and youth to achieve inclusion. I have 20 years experience working in America, Europe and the Middle East from politics to government to education to management. I love writing, traveling, history, vegan tacos, and escaping to Italy every time I can!

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