Some thoughts on 2017

Exercising the necessary end-of-the-year reflections, I came to terms with what has mattered the most to me this 2017: I focused on discovering myself. It is hard to acknowledge that we are a continuum between the light and the darkness and it is our free will (our choice really) to resonate higher on one side. It is even harder to realise that you can fluctuate from one side to the other with great facility. Staying true to what you think is best is hard.

I am so very blessed having the very few close friends that I have. Having them come back to me at the right times, to help me to strengthen myself and move on to a different level of understanding.  Having them help me to stay grounded. I am so very blessed sharing this journey with you.

Dad always asks me to find my happiness. Sometimes I get a bit annoyed at him, thinking that I am already happy. But he is right. I love helping others so much that sometimes I leave myself behind. I give my everything for the causes that I believe in.

As a woman, I have made my mission to fight women empowerment, when in Mexico, when in Europe, when in the Middle East. It has not been easy; it requires a great deal of an effort to fight stereotypes coming from both men and women (see my insta post).  Our stereotypes. During my journey, I have also come across young women, with whom I have chosen to share my energy. I have wished with all my being for them to be happy and become what they are meant to become. I have done it because I want it, because I believe in it. Someone recently corrected me. I should not help people by sharing my own energy but helping them to awaken and regenerate themselves. He might be right as my own self-demanded me to retreat.

The last month, I have been devoted to understanding myself, to nourish me. To spend a significant amount of time on my own – I do love my company. I enjoy sitting with the sun on my face, smelling the different essences, feeling the air playing with my hair and listening to the trees. It makes me happy. It reconnects me. Recharges me.

As per 2018, I wish I had a to-do list of things that will make me achieve greatness, but I don’t.  My journey seems different now.  Any project that I choose to get involved in has to have a higher meaning and to convey a higher benefit for people. Do not worry; there are a couple of things that I am working on, with a team of great people and great minds.

I wish you all, from the depths of my being, infinite love, joy and happiness. I believe in you, together, we can change the world for the better.


London Bridge, Winter 2017

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Digital behaviourist and technologist (PhD). I am passionate about talent development, especially when it comes to enabling women and youth to achieve inclusion. I have 20 years experience working in America, Europe and the Middle East from politics to government to education to management. I love writing, traveling, history, vegan tacos, and escaping to Italy every time I can!

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