#citizens2030: Educating Saudi Arabia’s Business Leaders since 2013

Yesterday, we celebrated the establishment of the DCU Alumni Chapter Saudi Arabia, with over 70 attendees at the Irish Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I have had the honour of working in and for the Irish Higher Education system over 9 years, mainly in postgraduate education, which led me to Saudi Arabia. In #SaudiArabia, I have pioneered in the establishment and implementation of international partnerships.

As Director of Marketing, Innovation and Technology- Digital (#MINTD), I am responsible for overseeing: Quality of programme delivery and support; Management and development of the programme in line with the standards set by students and academic, industry and professional bodies; ensuring programme activities and procedures adhere to the DCUBS guidelines and statutes. I review programme content making sure that it is aligned with global and national needs; while I also lecture in applied #technology, business #innovation, and #digitalmarketing.

My best presentation card: #MINTD graduates. The competitive advantage of the #MINTD programme in the Kingdom is that we are the only undergraduate programme educating #citizens2030 aligned with the knowledge and skillset mandated by Saudi Arabia’s #Vision2030 and the 2020 National Transformation Plan.

By 2020, the #MINTD programme will graduate an elite group of 196 female students, which represents 0.49% of Princess Nourah bin Abdulrahman University student population. PNU graduates 50% of the women in the country every year.

A mix of experiential and socio-constructivist approaches underpin the design and delivery of my modules to be academically grounded, technology fluent and relevant under the changing political, and socioeconomic environment.

This approach can be summarised as follows:

  1. 21st Century knowledge and skills;
  2. Digital fluency;
  3. Industry hands-on.

These young #saudiwomen are equipped to become the new generation of Saudi business leaders

Are you a #MINTD grad? how does your marketing, innovation, and tech mindset set you apart? I would love to read your comments.!

Published by @digitalmisa

Digital behaviourist and technologist (PhD). I am passionate about talent development, especially when it comes to enabling women and youth to achieve inclusion. I have 20 years experience working in America, Europe and the Middle East from politics to government to education to management. I love writing, traveling, history, vegan tacos, and escaping to Italy every time I can!

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