Approach to teaching

The past four years have been such an adventure. Living in Saudi Arabia has opened a new dimension to me. A new approach to education. I have had the honour of contributing to shaping education in Saudi Arabia. In the heart of the Business Administration College in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU), I have become an advocate for women education and have had the opportunity of creating and recreating, designing and implementing different pedagogical strategies with one purpose in mind “educating the new generation of Saudi businesswomen”.


Educating not only industry-ready but critical students

The opportunity to work in PNU since the beginning of DCU’s involvement has meant that I have been able to take a leading role in the design of innovative, interdisciplinary and industry-applied projects, all of which have proved successful.

Here a list of my latest projects:

Watson goes to college 


My approach to teaching

My lectures go from utilising robots to enhance learning, to understanding the reasoning and business implications behind cognitive computing applications. I challenge students to observe consumer behaviour in all directions.


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