Forging links between state of the art technology, policymakers and stakeholders for social development

I advocate the empowerment of youth and women through education to achieve financial inclusion. My leadership is reflected in a number of personal projects, including being Founder of the GCC Blockchain Community (500+ members); Founder and Head of the TechSaudiya initiative; Founding President of the Mexican Talent Network- RedGlobalMX Chapter Saudi Arabia, connecting top Mexican talent, endorsed by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I currently serve as Programme Director of Marketing, Innovation and Technology at Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University, from which 50% of the female population in Saudi Arabia graduate.

I have a solid applied knowledge and academic rigour based on my expertise in technology (AI, Blockchain, Fintech, IoT), business innovation and digital marketing. This has been developed throughout my PhD, MSc, BBA studies in America and Europe; my 6 years lecturing at a University level in Europe and the Middle East winning teaching awards throughout; and my active participation as organiser, judge and mentor in Hackathons, Innovation Challenges and Tech Events (Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, Cognitive computing).

With international business experience (10+years). I have worked as a government strategic advisor interacting with first-line politicians, social leaders and influencers towards the digitization, digitalization and restructuration of public policies and institutions. My work resulted in structural reforms, including gender equity. I have developed applied projects in industries such as Education, Technology, Financial Services, Telecomms, and Government. Partners include IBM, KACST, the Saudi Arabian General Sports Authority, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

I have a strong strategy, negotiation and communication skills developed from my transition from politics to the government to education to management.

As an award-winning public speaker (30+awards), I am a frequent guest in national and international industry and academic events in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East (recent appearances highlighted)..

What people think about me

“I am writing these words with all the optimism in the world that we are going to witness a stronger Saudi generation in digital marketing/communication. What is even more promising is that we can use such intellect and power to serve a noble cause: getting people active!” (Saudi Arabian General Sports Authority Director, Dec 2016)

“I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Artemisa Jaramillo who is leading a joint project with one of my start-up companies. It is called Omoma (Motherhood) and we are launching our website in Saudi Arabia this month as a social media and ecommerce platform funded by advertisers and focused on Pregnant ladies, mothers and young families. I must say that the work that DCU is carrying out at Princess  Nourah University is outstanding and will lead to many developments not only in education but in the fields of commercial and political relations between Saudi and Ireland. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity of Artemisa” (Alastair McGuckian, Director of Omoma and Founder of Almarai -Largest Vertically Integrated Dairy Company in the World)

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